I'm Kathleen, and I came up with the idea for starting a travel site aimed at gluten free families when I was searching for gluten free resources for a family vacation. I realized that there are limited resources for those who want to travel gluten free with their children. Much of what is available is aimed squarely at the adult gluten free traveler, or only focus on the food aspect of traveling gluten free with children. I was looking for something geared to families that covered more than just which restaurants offered a few gluten free menu items.

Gluten Free Family Travel aims to provide information on the practical aspects of traveling that apply to most families with children, while also addressing issues specific to those families who have one or more family members who eat gluten free. That’s why there are sections on what to pack, eat, sleep, and see, as well as travel trips, resources, sample itineraries for select destinations, and even personalized services.

This Family Travels Gluten Free!

My husband Miguel and I love to travel, and we didn't want to stop after we had children. Instead, we decided to take our kids with us to see the world, despite being told by many that traveling with kids is just too difficult. We have two young boys, and both of them took their first airplane rides before their first birthdays.

Before our eldest son was born, my husband and I were not gluten free. By age two, our son was on a completely gluten free diet and traveling became more complicated, but not impossible. I firmly believe that safe, delicious, gluten free food can be food in any country in the world, and refuse to let food restrictions stop my son from experiencing the joys of travel. We've been traveling gluten free for four years now, and have picked up some useful tips along the way that I can’t wait to share with you!

If you've been thinking about traveling gluten free with your family, let Gluten Free Family Travel help you get organized so that you can enjoy every minute of your time on the road!

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