Two Weeks in Italy...Without Internet

When we left for Italy July 9th, my intention was not to forego internet for two weeks. I purchased a portable internet device that is supposed to provide mobile internet service anywhere in Europe. Well, not so much. It couldn't catch a connection anywhere, even when I was sitting in a cafe or restaurant that offered free internet. So... unfortunately that meant that blogging while away was a no go. I did have a mobile plan that provided me with a limited amount of data so I was able to upload some photos to my Instagram account and keep in contact with family, but it limited the amount of time I could spend on line.

The downside? No blogging. I had planned to blog as I traveled, in real time, but instead I will be posting retroactively. Not as timely, but it does give me a chance to digest and sort through my travel experiences.

The upside? Less time online! I have a habit of turning to my phone more than necessary, and spending uninterrupted time with my husband and sons was just what I needed. We specifically picked our two destinations in Italy this summer with relaxation and a "slow" vacation in mind, and limited time spent online definitely fit the theme. Instead I spent time relaxing, hitting the beach, exploring historic towns, and tasting the incredible cuisine of the Puglia region of Italy.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting about my experience in Italy, between beach to farm and even a UNESCO world heritage site! And of course, since my son is gluten free, my thoughts on finding safe gluten free food in the land of pasta. Stay tuned!