We leave for Prague tomorrow, so of course we're all sick

I have been super-excited about our Prague trip for months now, until this week arrived and knocked us all on our butts with illness. It started with my youngest, who began the odd habit of feeling fine all day, only to wake up and vomit for half the night. After two days of this, the diarrhea kicked in, and he was full out sick. Then my older son fell ill. He is waiting to have his tonsils removed and has a weaker immune system in general, so he not only caught what his brother has but added fever, cough, and sinus trouble to the mix.

It's school holidays here, so I kept them home with me, feeding them fluids and letting them catch up on sleep. We took them to the doctor and picked up the various medications prescribed. Then my husband came home from work one day having vomited at work.

I was the only hold out.

Until yesterday.

It began with a mild stomach ache, and by the evening I was a shivering, vomiting mess. Sounds lovely, no? Normally I would just let us all ride out our illnesses in peace by making some soup and piling onto the sofa in one germ-ridden mess until the worst passed.

Except we're supposed to be flying to Prague tomorrow.

I really, really, want to fly to Prague tomorrow. Prague has been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember. The bridge, the castle, the literary tradition, the food- so many reasons to visit. Plus, we are lucky enough to be staying in the apartment of a friend that is not only free but also extremely well located. What more could one ask for?

An ability to move from the bed to the sofa without puking, apparently.

So I'm crossing my fingers and sending up prayers to the heavens that we are all somehow fit to fly tomorrow, so that we can experience the splendor of Prague as a healthy, happy family. Or at least, healthy-ish. Healthy enough to fly.

Please, let us be healthy enough to fly.

Sigh. Wish me luck.