Spring in Paris!

One thing I love about living in Paris is that spring arrives early compared to when it typically shows up in Canada. While I've been watching the trees start to blossom, my family has been keeping me up to date on the late snowfalls they've been experiencing in Toronto. Even when there's not snow in April, the weather typically stays chilly with a few warm days until the end of April, sometimes later.

Blossoms on the trees, the first week of April

Paris, on the other hand, gets a lot of spring showers, but they come with warmer temperatures, flowers, and sunny days that remind you summer is just around the corner. Spring also means that the days get longer, with the skies keeping their light until almost 9pm already. By the time summer comes, it will stay light past 10pm. Paris parks, unlike Canadian ones, have opening hours, with the gates locking in the evenings. April is usually the start of longer park hours, and the grass will soon be open for the picnics.

The city comes to life in the spring. Cafe patios fill to bursting with patrons each sunny day and the markets burst with spring flowers and the first harvests of local spring produce. Parks and riverside promenades fill with people, and window boxes are filled with bright blooms. It's as though everyone shakes off the chill of the winter and welcomes the spring with open arms.

For my part, I enjoy the opportunity to head out in a lighter jacket and spend long afternoons at the park with the kids, watching them run around and enjoy the fresh air. Since most apartments in Paris are not air conditioned, spring is often more comfortable than summer, when the heat can become oppressive and difficult to escape. The more moderate temperatures of spring with light breezes and bright sunshine are perhaps the perfect weather for life in the city.