Preparing for Surgery in Paris

Tomorrow my son goes in for surgery to get his tonsils removed. A routine enough surgery, and one that I had done as a child. The difference between his surgery and mine though is that he is having his surgery done in Paris, France. I think you really feel as though you live somewhere when you start undergoing major medical procedures in that country!

We are getting it done at the American Hospital in Paris, not because we're American (we're not) or because the doctor is American (he's not, he's French), but because that's the hospital where our son's doctor has operating privileges. It's a bit different from the French public hospitals in that it is an American accredited hospital that is not covered under the French system in the same way, which is fine for us because our insurance through my husband's job is different from the regular French health insurance.

Still, none of this changes my nervousness at having my son undergo his first surgery, in a country other than Canada, and handling all the medical information in a language other than English. We all speak French well enough, but in times of stress it's always your first language that you're most comfortable in.

Thankfully, my mom decided to come and stay with us for a few weeks tohelp take care of our youngest and to provide some support for the whole process. It was fun to surprise my kids with her arrival, and they got to spend the weekend having fun. It's school holidays here in Paris right now, so at least my son isn't missing any school. I'm hoping he feels well enough by week two that we can go out with my mom and do a few more fun activities before she leaves for Canada.

Mostly I'm hoping that the surgery goes well and my son has a speedy recovery. I'm hoping that communication is clear when it comes to ensuring my son has safe gluten free food to eat (or drink, as it will be) after the surgery so he doesn't get sick. We've packed his overnight bag with some items he thinks he'll need, including some new Pokemon cards thanks to Grandma.

I think I'm more nervous than he is.