Gluten Free Paris: Tugalik Cafe

Although I know that eating safe gluten free food in restaurants is not always easy, I still try to make the effort to take my son out to eat as often as possible. He's only five, but he understands that he can't always eat what everyone else is eating, and sometimes being left out really bothers him. So when I find locations that offer great gluten free options, I can't contain my joy!



Tugalik is a cafe/restaurant with three locations in Paris, in the 2nd, 5th, and 6th quarters. We went to the location at 29 rue St. Placide in the 6th, which is more of a cafe. Apparently the other two locations have a bit of a more restaurant feel to them. They have a small menu that focuses on mainly organic ingredients, as well as gluten and dairy free. Side dishes included salads and small vegetable dishes, for around 4Euros each, main dishes were around 9Euros, and dessert was anywhere from about 2-4.50Euros. Reasonable prices for fresh, homemade food. To view the menu online, click HERE, but note that the location I visited had much more available in-store than the menu includes online. There is also an extensive list of fresh-pressed juices, teas and coffees, and some locations have wine.

We ordered vegetable soup, a vegetable curry, a vegetable gratin with a chicken breast, fresh juice and coffee. Water is offered free of charge. We took everything upstairs to the small dining room that overlooks the street and then dug in.

The food was really, really, good! Everything is made in the cafe, and you can tell. My son was practically drinking the soup out of the bottom of the bowl, and the toddler loved his juice. The serving size of the curry was enough for me to share with the toddler, and then still bring some home for later. They're not huge North American size servings, but my husband was full and happy after his meal.

I also want to mention the service. It was fantastic. The man who served us was kind, interesting, and full of useful tips for us. He spoke English (although we practiced our French with him) and he was very patient with my son's indecision when ordering. He allowed us to leave the stroller downstairs and asked if we needed help carrying things up to the dining room. There are a lot of stereotypes about French service being rude, but this place shatters them all. Great service, excellent and affordable food, and a cozy atmosphere.

If you're looking for a quick, healthy, and affordable gluten free meal in Paris, I highly recommend Tugalik.