Gluten Free Paris: Where to Buy Gluten Free Easter Chocolate

This is our first Easter in Paris, and we’ve been on the lookout for some traditional Easter eggs or bunnies that are gluten free. We already found some Easter Egg Hunts in Paris, including a Lego one that involves Lego figurines instead of toys. While we traditionally have done Easter egg hunts that don’t involve those mini-eggs that are almost impossible to find gluten free, we typically manage to buy a chocolate egg or a bunny that is safe for my son to eat. Paris has no shortage of chocolate shops, including some with exquisite (and expense) hand-crafted chocolates, but it’s hard to tell from looking whether those gorgeous specimens are gluten free. While most higher-end chocolatiers will be able to tell you with certainty about all of the ingredients and production conditions, others may not.

There’s good news though! There are a few places that offer absolutely 100% gluten free chocolate for Easter, which is fantastic, because my son would be very upset if he thought the Easter bunny couldn’t find our new address! If you happen to be in Paris over the Easter holiday or any other time of the year and want to indulge in some gluten free chocolate, here are a few options to consider.

Where to Buy Gluten Free Easter Chocolate in Paris

1) Bio Sphère Café

This is a 100% gluten free café and bakery that I have reviewed on the site before. My family loves it there, and the quality of their products is incredible. For Easter, they are offering gluten free macarons in the shape of bunnies, as well as gluten and dairy free chocolate made at the café.

2) Helmut Newcake

This 100% French bakery offers up all the traditional French pastries, all gluten free. I'm not sure if they have traditional chocolates, but they will certainly have something perfect for Easter in store. A religieuese, perhaps? They also have a small store with packaged gluten free products for sale. If you’re looking for some pastries for dessert on Easter Sunday, you can’t beat this place. 

3) L’epicerie Delicesweet

This bakery specializes in artisan quality baked goods and chocolates that are sugar free, and many that are also gluten free. They have a line of gluten and sugar free Easter chocolates available online and in-store, from Italian chocolatier Venchi. Included in their Easter selection are mini-wrapped chocolate eggs that are perfect for hiding, chocolate fish, and large wrapped eggs.

  • Website:
  • Address: 54 ave de la Bourdonnais, 75007 (Metro Ecole Militaire)

4) Chocolate Dardenne

This is a company that makes only 100% gluten free artisanal chocolates and sells them in stores (mostly organic ones) all over France. They have a special line of Easter chocolates available now. In Paris their products can be found at 27 stores, spread out in almost every arrondissement in the city. For a full list of store availability in Paris, check their website.

5) Chain stores like Monoprix and Carrefour

For less gourmet but still perfectly serviceable chocolates, try one of the larger locations of the chain grocery stores. Many carry Easter treats from well-known companies that are gluten free. They probably won’t be in the gluten free section, but instead lumped in with all the other gluten free candy. Read ingredients and check for “Sans gluten” on the label.

Finally, many artisan chocolatiers produce all of their chocolates in-house and are obviously quite knowledgeable about what goes in them. At Gautier Chocolat in the 16th for example, the owner knew which of his Easter eggs were gluten free and which weren’t (big ones-no, mini ones- yes). Most Easter chocolates are made from pure chocolate, so you never know, that gourmet creation you’ve been eying might just be gluten free after all!