Paris: The Rainiest May on Record

I'm saying goodbye to the rainiest May on record in France, with of course, more rain. Last spring the weather was gorgeous and sunny from March onward, with some but not much rain. In fact, the level of the Seine was quite low last summer. Not this year. We have had rain most days this month, including several thunderstorms, which aren't very common in Paris.

This was the view from the cafe last Monday. And this Monday...

But it's not just Paris. Across the entire country, regions are under high rainfall and flood warnings. One region was scheduled to get several months worth of rainfall in just a few hours, leading to devastating floods. Here in Paris, a thunderstorm on Sunday resulted in a birthday party of kids in a local park being trapped in the rain and 11 people were hit by lightning, including 8 young children.

From the window of the bus

For my family, it's largely been an inconvenience. My oldest went on a field trip to the medieval town of Provins last Monday, and it rained all day. Yesterday my youngest went on a field trip to the Paris Zoo and-no surprise here- it rained all day. Thankfully we have invested in rain coats, boots, and umbrellas for everyone.

Still, I'm ready for some sunshine and warmth. I want to stroll the sidewalks and window shop along the streets of Paris. I want to picnic in the park and sit outside at the cafe. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Maybe it's wishful thinking. Oh well. As I keep telling my husband, at least it's not snow!