Prague: Photo Essay

Prague: Photo Essay

Prague is a city that begs to be photographed. The incredible Charles Bridge, the Old Quarter, the Castle- they capture the imagination and are perfect muses for the camera. However, the rest of the city is worth capturing as well. I loved the pastel-painted buildings and the bridges over the river, as well as the landscape surrounding the city. Visiting Prague was a dream come true for me, and the city did not disappoint. If you've never been, I encourage you to put it on your list of travel destinations. I'm not a professional photographer, but hopefully my photos managed to capture some of the beauty of the capital of the Czech Republic.

Views from the Charles Bridge

My first order of business was to visit the famous Charles Bridge that is lined with statues of Saints. We woke up to a brand new snowfall, and took advantage of the spectacular views from the bridge that made the city look like a postcard.

View from Charles Bridge

View toward the main city

View of Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge by Day and Night

Prague stuns by day and by night. We made a point to keep the kids up late one night to take a walk around the city, and the bridge was just as magnificent by lamplight as it was in the light of day. The atmosphere is completely different and the lights over the water really add to the magic.

The Old Town Square

The pedestrianized Old Town Square is just a stone's throw from the Charles Bridge and houses the Astronomical Clock, the Old town Hall, and several beautiful churches. It's also the place to see and be seen from the comfort of one of the patios that line the square.


Prague has some beautiful churches, both inside and out. While not all allow photographs to be taken inside, a few do, and they are spectacular. Beware though, they take silence seriously, so warn your kids before you enter. Saint Nicholas church on the far side of the bridge is particularly gorgeous, and is worth the fee to enter.

Architecture and Interesting Sights

Prague has beautiful buildings at every turn, many painted in pastel hues with decorative elements around windows and doors. However, the city is a mix of old and new, and modern buildings and sculptures can be found around every corner. Prague is also a city that suffered under communism for several decades, and there are reminders of that time throughout the city as well.

The moving sculpture. Each row turns, so the head swivels on its neck.

The Dancing Houses

These are just a few photos of the several hundred that I snapped while visiting with my family in late February/early March. If you like what you see and want to see more Prague photos, be sure to check out my Instagram account.

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