The Great Parisian Adventure (or, My Family Visits!)

My Family is Coming to Paris!

My family is coming to visit! I haven't seen my parents, sister, or niece since the end of February when we were back in Canada to get our paperwork updated. Four months is a long time to go without seeing them, especially for my kids. On Saturday, they arrive for a two week stay in Paris.

This isn't the first time in Paris for my parents or sister, because they came to visit when I was studying here in University. It will be the first visit for my niece though, and I can't wait to show her around! Paris with kids is going to be a different experience for my whole family than it was the first time around.

 The whole gang, at Christmas!

The whole gang, at Christmas!

Family-Friendly Paris

This time my parents will see the family friendly side of the city, since last time we were all adults! I have big plans in mind for fun activities to do with the kids, from the Jardin d'Acclimatation to hanging out at Paris Plage. Oh, and the plan is to do this on a bit of a budget, since we have a big trip to Portugal planned in August. 

The best part about living in Paris is that I can introduce them to the best of both worlds- the touristy side of the city and the hidden gems that only the locals know about. 


Follow Their Visit!

I have some great outings planned for my family, and can't wait to show them a new side to the city I love. It's a more laid back, but no less exciting itinerary than the ones I think many visitors experience. There will be some typical tourist stops along the way, but others will be the type of things that local families enjoy during the summer in Paris.

And guess what? I'll be spilling the details on the places I take my family! If you're interested in seeing a different side of Paris and learning about some great family friendly places to visit, then the upcoming posts are for you!

Check back often for new posts on what I'm lovingly referring to  as The Great Parisian Adventure of 2015!