Back in Canada & Knocked Off Our Feet

We arrived in Canada for a visit and to complete some formalities for my husband's job in France almost a week ago, but the past week has been a blur. After spending Wednesday jet-lagged and trying to sort out some birthday gifts for my son's birthday this weekend, everything went to hell on Thursday. My youngest came down with a severe case of vomiting, which we initially thought was motion sickness since it happened in the car (of course). He has a history of getting carsick, so we simply brought him to my parents' house and put him to bed. He ended up sleeping all afternoon and all night, and then feeling better the next day.

 The munchkin who started it all.

The munchkin who started it all.

Unfortunately, it wasn't motion sickness and he managed to pass on his 24 hour bug to me. I spent pretty much all day of my older son's birthday in bed, venturing down only to light the candles on the small family cake we had bought to celebrate before his bigger party on the weekend. The sight and smell of food was almost too much, and I trudged back up to bed soon after!


I hoped that my husband and the birthday boy would be able to get off without getting sick, but no such luck. My husband began to feel gross on Saturday afternoon, and my son woke up just after 11pm the same night with severe abdominal pain and vomiting. The two of them spent much of the day today in bed, while I took care of the little guy.

The upside to whatever this is that we all got is that it seems to run its course in 24 hours. The downside is that it's pretty nasty when it's in full effect. My niece apparently had something similar a few days before we arrived, so maybe it was passed on in the house. Who knows? All I know is that my dad woke up this morning feeling gross and has spent the better part of the day trying to sleep it off. Hopefully he'll be back to normal tomorrow.

On a more positive note, we did manage to get in some birthday celebrations for my son. We had to cancel the party today, but he was feeling well enough tonight to have the larger cake and to open his gifts. He's in full superhero mode these days, so most of the celebrations were variations on that theme. I made him a gluten free Captain America shield cake, and he got to eat it on Avengers plates.


His big birthday gift was a new acoustic guitar. He's a huge music fan and takes guitar lessons, but his acoustic guitar is a small baby one we bought him when he was two. He'll be passing that down to his little brother now that he has a 1/2 size Iron Man acoustic guitar to go with his 1/2 size electric guitar that he got for Christmas two years ago. His interests have grown and changed over time, but he has always loved to listen to and play music, and he has never grown tired of his guitars so we try to nurture that creative side of him.

 His guitar is actually pretty cool. As you can tell, his brother is more interested in cake.

His guitar is actually pretty cool. As you can tell, his brother is more interested in cake.

He will also be returning to France with a few Euros to spend, a Captain America outfit, and some new clothes. He's a pretty happy little boy tonight.

I'm not sure the exact date we'll be heading back to Paris, but it should be fairly soon (fingers crossed). In the meantime, we'll be trying to stay warm amid another extreme cold weather system that should have Toronto feeling like -40C with the wind chill, and that doesn't look to let up until later this week.

How do you keep warm in the extreme cold?