We moved to Paris!

My husband and I have been planning a move to France with the kids for quite a while now. At the end of November, I wrote about what brought us to this life-changing move, and announced that we would be settling in Toulouse. We had everything ready, including a place to stay while we looked for long-term accommodations.

Fast forward to just over a week before our departure date, and everything changed. My husband received a message informing him of a job opportunity: in Paris! When we first planned on moving to France he applied for a particular job in Paris, but he didn't get it. Since Paris is such an expensive city, we decided to move further south instead, to Toulouse. Then just before Christmas the same organization contacted him with an opportunity. We couldn't say no!

We quickly added a flight to our schedule and made Paris the final destination. We flew out of Canada on New Year's Eve, and landed in Brussels. From there we flew to Toulouse, because the cost of changing our tickets was more than what we paid for them in the first place. Instead, for about $500 total we just added a flight to Paris from Toulouse. The flight from Brussels to Toulouse was scary because the plane had a technical difficulty and had to turn back to the Brussels airport, where we were put on another flight to Toulouse. The next morning we flew Air France to Paris.


Finding accommodations wasn't easy on such short notice, but we managed to snag a pretty nice apartment in the 16th arrondissement that has all the amenities we need for the time being. It's not as close to the metro as I would like, but there is a bus right outside the front door. It's also walking distance to shopping and parks.

Today we walked all the way to the Champs Elysées to see the Arc de Triomphe. Last night we walked down to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle under the full moon.

Things are still a bit up in the air as the French holidays only ended today, and tomorrow is another holiday for many, the Epiphany, so my husband hasn't yet finalized all of the working arrangements. Until that is all complete, we're holding off on searching for a long-term rental. I'm itching to get settled and find a school for the 5 year old and some type of daycare for the 2 year old, but I know that things will go at their own pace no matter what I do. Instead, we're enjoying the city and having fun with the kids. The time to get down to work and a regular routine will come soon enough.