Gluten Free Paris: Biosphere Cafe

Another day, another gluten free cafe in Paris! I'm impressed with the number of cafes that are 100% gluten free, allowing me to bring my son out to eat without the worry of cross-contamination. I've noticed that organic and gluten free seem to go hand in hand often in Paris, and Biosphere Cafe is no different. Biologique or "bio" in French means organic, and Biosphere Cafe marries organic and gluten free together beautifully.

Biosphere Cafe offers dine-in and take-out options. Their website suggests reservations for dine-in, and I agree. We arrived shortly after opening on a Saturday, and snagged the last table in the place. It's nestled on a side street in the 8th, on a street with multiple eateries. Biosphere is pretty small, but we noticed a constant stream of customers coming in to order take-away.

Family Lunch at the Cafe

We decided to order one of the combination menus that range from about 12 Euros to 20 Euros. I started with the broccoli soup, which came accompanied by a piece of gluten free baguette. The photo at the top of the post is the soup I received. The soup was smooth and flavourful, but it was the baguette that was the standout. It was crusty on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. I was actually a bit concerned that it wasn't gluten free, and verified it with the server before letting my son have any!

Everyone ordered the pizza, although there are a variety of gluten free options available, from sandwiches made on their own bread, to pastas, crepes, and galettes. The pizzas weren't perfectly round, but the crust was crispy and held up well under the weight of the ingredients. Everyone enjoyed their meal and ate every last bite of pizza.

Gluten Free Pastries

The best part for my son was, obviously, dessert. For a gluten free kid in Paris, walking by all those bakery display windows every day can be pretty frustrating. The macarons are gluten free in most places, but other than those and meringues, the selection is often limited. At Biosphere Cafe, there were some pretty fancy pastries available that would normally be off limits.

My sons chose the chocolate mousse cake, because, chocolate! My husband chose the cheesecake, and I chose the lemon tart. The pastry was indistinguishable from a regular tart pastry, and the filling was perfect. The owner is a classically trained pastry chef who was trained at Ladurée and Angelina, pretty exclusive Paris locales. It definitely shows in the quality of the pastries.

Before leaving, we were lucky enough to snag the last baguette they had available for take away. They bake baguettes and brioches by reservation, and I guess they have one or two available in-store. It has a bit of a crustier outer texture than a regular baguette, but it is just as good and certainly the best gluten free version I have tasted to date.

Although not located in the immediate neighbourhood where we live, Biosphere Cafe is easily accessible by Metro on line 9, the one closest to us. It is also accessible by Metro 13, and the RER. Check their website for details. I can absolutely see us ordering baguettes from time to time and stopping in on a Saturday to pick them up.

Even more exciting is that they take orders for special occasion cakes at reasonable prices. My son's 6th birthday is coming up this month, and I'm relieved that he will be able to get a safe and delicious cake for his birthday.

If you are in Paris, I recommend stopping in for lunch or picking up some take away. You won't be disappointed.

Biosphere Cafe, 47 rue de Laborde, 75008 Paris