Shipping Luggage Overseas?

When we were packing for our move to France, we waffled on the question of whether we would ship any of our belongings overseas. Ultimately we decided to leave most things in a storage unit in Canada, but realized that there were still some items we wanted to bring with us. Mostly they consisted of stuff for the kids, but there was also some clothing and personal items that didn't fit in the suitcases we were taking on the plane, but that we didn't want to leave behind for months on end.

So we decided to take three suitcases to France with us, and then ship three more to be delivered at the apartment we rented. There is no shortage of shipping companies available online, and we made a list of the potential ones to use. We finally decided on a company that had very straightforward shipping rates, charging by the size of the bag and a maximum weight allowance for each size, rather than some of the more complicated calculations required by other companies. It worked out to about $500 Canadian dollars per suitcase, plus a $50 pickup fee. That was on par with most other companies we had found. They offered a delivery timeline of about two weeks after pickup.

However, when I went to book, they could not accommodate a pick-up date before we left for France. I did not want to leave suitcases behind and put the responsibility on my family to make sure they were shipped, so I began searching for other companies. I was worried because I was trying to book two days before departure! I resigned myself to paying a premium for last minute pick-up and shipping.

After an exhaustive internet search, I came across an article that recommended the company First Luggage. The article claimed that it is the company that British Airways recommends. Desperate to find someone to ship our suitcases overseas, I looked them up.

I'm so happy that I did! Their price came to about $800 Canadian for everything, which was about $700 LESS than the other company. They had no problem picking up the suitcases on a short deadline. The suitcases were picked up December 31st, with an estimated delivery date of January 8th. They arrived on January 5th, ahead of schedule.

After booking the shipment, a representative sent me an email outlining everything that I needed to do to get the bags ready to ship. When I emailed back with a question, I received a response back within a few minutes. The service was courteous, quick, and more affordable than any other I was able to find online. The suitcases were picked up and delivered by DHL, and it was door-to-door without any hassles.

Shipping suitcases or other luggage isn't something I do on a regular basis, but I can definitely see the advantages. If I were traveling with young children and needed my hands to be free, or if I had an awkwardly shaped item to bring (like my son's guitar), I would certainly use this company again in the future. They even have a service for students who need to ship items to or from school when studying abroad.

Shipping the suitcases had been a major concern of mine, and it turned out to be a piece of cake!

To find out more about First Luggage and their services, you can visit their website at

***This is not a sponsored post. I used their service and paid for shipping, and am simply sharing a resource I recommend.