Back in Canada for the Holidays


We left El Salvador on Saturday after spending two weeks with my in-laws. It was a balmy 29C. We landed in Toronto, Canada and it was 2C and snowing. A bit of a shock to the system! We had left Canada in autumn mode, and returned to find that Old Man Winter had moved in! The kids are enjoying the snow and enjoying being back in Canada, but my husband and I are already itching to get moving again.

What's new?

We flew Avianca for the trip, and I was happy to say that they were able to accommodate my son's gluten free needs quite well. I always pack enough food to feed an army when traveling, because you never know when you will be delayed. On our way to El Salvador we were delayed 5 hours, on top of the 3 hour early arrival for international flights. Add another 5 hours of travel time, customs, and then travel to where we were staying, and that's a long time to go hungry. I ended up having to buy my gluten free 5 year old a $12 sandwich.

However on the way back Avianca was prepared and had a gluten free meal as well as snacks for my son. The items were clearly labeled and even had his name and seat number on the package. While I ate a turkey sandwich, my son enjoyed a hot chicken dinner, a frittata, and even a fruit plate. The food was as good as airplane food gets, so we were happy.

Now that we're back in Canada, we will probably be here through the holidays. I haven't written much about our plans for 2015 or our 6 week trip to France (with a side of Italy) earlier this fall. Mainly that's because this site is new, but I promise to catch you up shortly with a few blog posts chronicling our journey and providing travel tips and recommendations!


Long story short: We sold our house in August, embarked on a 6 week trip to the South of France to choose a destination, and are hoping to spend 2015 living in Europe. We have our visa appointments next week, and then we wait to hear. Hopefully our visas will be approved and we will be making our move for the beginning of the new year.

We're hoping to settle in Toulouse, a few short hours from the Spanish border, and known as the Ville Rose because of the colour of brick used.


For now, we're enjoying spending time with family and friends, getting ready for the holidays and sorting through our travel notes and photos. There will be a ton of information added to the site shortly, and we organize our thoughts!

Do you have travel plans for 2015? Where is your next adventure going to take place?