Kathleen Sperduti is the founder of both Celiac Baby! and Gluten Free Family Travel. Her journey into gluten free living began in 2010, after months of struggling to figure out why her infant son was so terribly sick. After countless doctor's visits, numerous tests for scary illnesses, and months of watching her son suffer from diarrhea, weight loss, temper tantrums, sinus infections, and general overall sickness, she mentioned to her doctor that Celiac disease ran in her family.

He was so dehydrated at that point that when the doctor tried to get a urine sample, he was unable to produce enough to use as a sample after 2 hours in the doctor's office and several cups of water and juice. As a last ditch resort, her doctor suggested she remove gluten from his diet to see if it would make a difference. The improvement in his health was almost immediate, and they've never looked back. He's now a healthy, happy young boy, who eats 100% gluten free.

Kathleen is a former teacher, who spent more than a decade teaching at the high school level before turning her focus to her writing and coaching career. She has a Master's in Education, a Bachelor of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts, all from York University in Toronto. She speaks English, French, and Spanish, and is determined to make her lifelong dream of speaking fluent Italian come true.

She currently runs Celiac Baby! a gluten free lifestyle blog that focuses on helping families make gluten free living their new normal, and provides gluten free coaching and consulting to help individuals and families adjust to the world of changes that going gluten free brings. In addition, she manages Gluten Free Family Travel, to provide gluten free families with the tools and the confidence they need to get out there and see the world. As a gluten free lifestyle and travel writer, she contributes to online publications, attends and participates in gluten free and travel conferences and events, and ghostwrites articles on a freelance basis. She is currently working on a gluten free travel guide.